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Easy Opener

Do you or anyone you know suffer from Arthritis in the hands?

The  Easy Opener will mean you never have to struggle to open a jar again!

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The opener has adjustable grips, so can be fitted to all jars of any size. Once on the jar all you have to do is press the button and hey presto! 

With the  Easy Opener, say goodbye to having to ask your housemates to open your jars for you. 

The  Easy Opener is also perfect for people who have lost grip in their hands and struggle to open jars without help.



  • EFFORTLESS: Just press one single button
  • SIMPLE: Effective and easy
  • COMPACT: Easy storage in a drawer or cabinet
  • DURABLE: Built to last
  • Opens a  WIDE VARIETY of jar sizes-no jar is too small 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

If you have any sort of arthritis in your hands or arms, this is a must have. It has changed my life dramatically. It's funny because my friends all want to come to my house to use it.


Will be ordering again as a gift


Even though I ordered with free shipping, the package came very quickly. It also came with a instructions manual for those who might have trouble using it for the first time. Thanks again, I highly recommend the Easy Opener.


I had a stroke that wiped out my right side and life goes on. I live alone and do my own cooking and at times I would need to get one of my friends to open jars for me. If you think they are a pain to open with two hands try it with one (especially pickles, salsa, olives) and some things I quit buying completely just so I wouldn't need to bother anyone. Well one day I saw this on Your Kitchen Hut and though why not give it a try. At worst I would find that it wouldn't work and I would simply return it. What a pleasant surprise, IT WORKS!!I Have yet to find anything this wont open. Thanks so much Your Kitchen Hut for allowing to enjoy peanut butter again lol.


Working really well so far. My 93 year old mother is so happy with it as she couldn't open jars by herself anymore. This has given that opportunity back to her.

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