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Pet Dog Toothbrush

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Dogs often use chew toys on one side of their mouths. It is not a guarantee of getting all teeth surfaces clean. Our  Pet Dog Toothbrush  will be your best choice!


  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: This dog toothbrush provides an innovative 360-degree bristle configuration and bites resistance to allow you to more easily care for your dog's teeth.
  • 360-DEGREE PROTECTION: The toothpaste reservoir can inject toothpaste and come out through 6 small holes, With our 360-degree toothbrush, the owner has more control over which surfaces they're cleaning and the level of vigor. A guarantee of getting all teeth surfaces clean.
  • DIFFERENT SIZE FOR All THE DOGS: The dog toothbrush will accommodate all small to large dog breeds, and some smaller dog breeds, depending on mouth size.
  • BITE RESISTANT& SAFE MATERIAL: Made from a strong TPE material that is intended to be bite resistant, but not bites proof. The withstand bite force is about 0 to 25 pounds. Can be used as a training toy to play with the dog.
  • NOT INTENDED AS CHEW TOY: The dog toothbrush is not intended as a chew toy and should not be given to dogs independent of owner use. Proper owner use and supervision are required.


  • Material:  non-toxic, safety, bite-resistant rubber 
  • Size:  S
  • Weight: 80g


1 X Pet Dog Toothbrush

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